Using technology to relieve human suffering

Embassy, UN, Donors

PACTEC exists to support NGOs and humanitarian agencies working in Afghanistan. This means that all passengers of UN, Embassy, or Donor agencies must be involved in humanitarian activity. Guns, concealed or otherwise, or military personnel are not allowed on humanitarian assistance flights. We serve the entire community on the principal of “first come, first served” in a transparent manner.

Embassy, UN, Donor Agency Approval Process

  1. Embassy, UN, and donor staff may travel on flights if associated with humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. We cannot provide seats for the political arms of the above agencies. 
  2. Must register with PACTEC using the Agency Registration Form and be a signatory to the PACTEC passenger protocol.
  3. Receive approval from the PACTEC Country Director or his designated representative.
  4. Military (including PRT) personnel are not permitted to fly.
  5. Approved agencies can only book their own passengers. Implementing partners can fly during the time they are working on approved agency humanitarian projects.
  6. Our services are not available for commercial use or commercial users.

Passengers not from Authorized Agencies

Passengers who are not employed by an approved agency, but travel on behalf of an approved agency may travel with PACTEC if the approved agency sponsors them.  Sponsored passengers require a letter of introduction for each flight request, describing the work they are doing for the sponsoring agency.  The head of the authorized agency should sign the letter.  The sponsored passengers MUST be booked by the sponsoring agency and cannot book themselves.


Journalists may fly with PACTEC if their work is sponsored by an authorized agency per the terms above.  Journalists can only be booked by their sponsoring agency.


  • In critical medical situations, NGOs can book passengers from their clinics supported by a doctor’s letter. The pilot reserves the right to require a doctor on the flight if the patient is unstable.
  • For medical emergency evacuations please Contact Us or feel free to contact your medical insurance company such as RMSI.