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Baggage and Cargo

Baggage Guidelines

Each person booked on a PACTEC flight is allowed up to 20 kg of total baggage.  This limit INCLUDES what is commonly referred to as “carry-on” items.  If more weight is required it may be booked as per the procedure below.  Baggage may not exceed the international air transport standard for checked luggage of 157 linear cm (62 linear inches).  This measurement is found by adding up the length + height + width of the bag.  Children under 2 years old do not receive a baggage allowance since they are travelling free of charge. 

DANGEROUS AND CONTRABAND ITEMS ARE NOT PERMITTED ABOARD THE AIRCRAFT.  Dangerous items include: corrosive chemicals, flammable fluids, pressurized canisters, and any kind of explosive.  Contraband items include:  illegal drugs, firearms, alcohol, and unregistered antiquities.  Please contact the PACTEC office for special shipping instructions when planning to transport generators or other heavy equipment or machinery.

Transportation of large sums of money is permitted; however, prior approval from the Flight Operations Manager is required before transportation of any amount exceeding $10,000 USD.  Export of Pakistani Rupees is limited to 3000 Rupees per person.  ALL transportation of large sums of money must be declared at the time of booking.

Booking Cargo and Excess or Unaccompanied Baggage

Within Afghanistan:

If a passenger wishes to bring more than 20 kg of baggage or cargo it must be booked separately as Excess Baggage.  To book Excess Baggage, indicate such on the standard booking form, including the weight in kilograms.  Excess Baggage must be booked and confirmed at least one day prior to the flight date.  Excess Baggage NOT booked prior to the flight date cannot be accepted by the flight crew if the flight is already full. 

Cargo is also booked using a cargo booking form and listing the weight of the consignment. It is the responsibility of the agency sending the cargo to assure that it will be received at the destination.  If the cargo is not met it will be flown back to Kabul on a space available basis.  Additional weight charges will apply and the organization must rebook and repay to have the cargo shipped again.  PLEASE NOTE: In some instances the aircraft will not be able to return the cargo to Kabul due to previously booked passengers and cargo on the return flight.  In this case unmet cargo WILL be left at the airport of destination unattended.  If cargo is consistently not met, flight privileges may be revoked.

Cargo departing Kabul that is unaccompanied to its destination and larger than an A4 box should be brought to the airport the day before departure.  Unaccompanied cargo arriving in Kabul that is larger than an A4 box will require a $20 processing fee and coordination with the booking office to pick it up at a later date in Park C.

For security reasons, no unaccompanied baggage will be accepted if it has not been booked previously.

International Flights:

Due to changing customs laws and procedures we are unable to book unaccompanied baggage and cargo to or from any location in Pakistan. 

Live Animals:

Live Animals may be transported on PACTEC flights provided they are carried in Airline Approved animal containers from which the animal cannot escape. Appropriate arrangements with PACTEC must be made ahead of time. Animals not booked ahead of time and/or carried in inappropriate containers WILL BE TURNED AWAY by the flight crew.