Using technology to relieve human suffering

Customer Registration

Passenger Qualifications

All Passengers must be associated with approved agencies and travelling for the purpose of the approved agency’s humanitarian activity.  Approved Agencies are non-profit NGOs and international non-profit development organizations involved in humanitarian and development assistance projects in Afghanistan. Due to the humanitarian nature of PACTEC’s flight program, we cannot provide seats for the political arms of UN, donors or embassy staff.  However, staff from WFP, UNHCR, WHO, ECHO, DFID, CIDA, USAID, etc. as well as Government of Afghanistan Ministries are permitted to travel where their mission is to assist in humanitarian and reconstruction programs. On the other hand, staff associated with the political processes of the country (e.g. UNAMA election staff, etc.) would not be entitled to utilize PACTEC air services. 

PACTEC is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization and therefore services are NOT available for commercial use or to commercial users.

For more information please read the entire Passenger Protocol document.

Approval Process

NGO Non-profit Customers

Embassy/UN/Donor Customers

Afghan Government Customers