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Special Charters


Chartering an entire aircraft is possible on certain days of the week. Unlike regular seats, charter flights should be booked a minimum of three working days before the intended date of flight.  To book a special charter flight,

  • a booking form must be completed with COMPLETE details of passengers and/or cargo,
  • payment must be made at the time of booking,
  • changes may be made to route and load after the initial booking, but a FINAL route and load must be submitted and approved 3 working days before the flight date. 

Since PACTEC’s flights are highly subsidized, PACTEC reserves the right to book additional passengers and/or cargo on charter flights that are not full.  If the aircraft is to wait at the destination, an hourly ground rate will apply (payable at the time of booking).  The current ground rate is listed at the bottom of the PACTEC price sheetDue to security concerns, requests to wait at certain airfields may not be possible.

We serve over 40 airports using our 3 Kodiak aircraft (6 seats)

Other airports include: Mazar-i-sharif, Sheberghan, Tehwareh, Yakolang, Little Pamir, Kret, Darwaz, Khwahan, Yawan, Sheghnan, Karanmunjan, Jalalabad, Salerno, Gardez, Shorona, Terin Kowt, Lashkar Gah, Kandahar, Bagram, Eshkashem, Kunduz, Rustaq, Taloqan, Faizabad, Joghari, Panjao, Besud

Kabul Office:
0700 282679 or 0799 300837

Medical/Evacuation Numbers:
0700 260 203 or 0799 020 712


Passengers 5-6
Payload 560 kgs
Speed 150 kts
Range 975 nm
Cargo Door Yes
Pressurized No
Engine 1 PT6 Turbine
Seating Leather Utility